c/LAP (contemporary/LaboratoryAtelierPerformance) is an artistic platform with its own legal personality, founded by Milan Kozánek (choreographer, dancer, pedagogue) and Andrej Kalinka (librettist, composer, director, performer). c / LAP artistically and organizationally / legally, productively, administratively / covers several artistic bodies that have related artistic goals. At the moment they are mainly two companies – the group Honey and Dust and Dance Company Artyci. Both of them have several years of experience at home and abroad and belong to established ensembles in Slovakia. Their members decided to cooperate more closely in the field of artistic creation (joint projects, mutual artistic participation in their projects, etc.) as well as in the production area. c / LAP is intended to stimulate and generate the creation of artists and artistic groups, to support them in their mutual interactions in artistic creation, through workshops, artistic research and laboratories to enable their artistic growth and to develop creative and innovative thinking about theater and dance art work within international context.

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