Uninteresting scream


“uninteresting scream (fragile history of an individual)”

“Dear laureates, I want to show you my playroom in our retirement home. My name is Odysseus. Or I´m waiting for Odysseus, I´m not sure. This is the last Nobel Prize to be awarded today. It will be informal. Dear laureates, I imagined myself being really old man and the Golden Runner still running in me. I´m losing my powers, he is not. I was told to buy one meter of brook/creek /stream and grow rare bush trees there. With a faded pencil on a thin tissue, I sometimes write down what he tells me but the tissue always gets lost, destroyed, or the writing can´t be read. I noticed that the Golden Runner does not distinguish the time and in his speech he always uses all tenses, as if there was only one time. I asked him about it and he said that I was still one and I would still be one. A child, a man and an old man. It is still me. Okay, I do not know, I´m imagining it. Maybe I was a man who never existed, but he did. It is important to add that I do not know who this Golden Runner really is. But I think, dear laureates, he creates a life in me.”


11.9.  Bratislava / Moyzes hall/ fb / tickets

12.9. Masterclass /  Banská Bystrica / Theater Dance Studio
10:30 RADIANT PERFORMER / info / fb / reservation
14:30 Embodied Voice Practices / info / fb / reservation

13.9. Košice / Tabačka Kulturfabrik / fb / tickets

14.9. Banská Bystrica / Theater Dance Studio /  fb / tickets

16.9. Brno / Co.Labs /  fb / tickets




Libretto, visual and sound concept, directed by
Andrej Kalinka

Dramaturgy, assistant director
Milan Kozánek

Performers and co-creators
Julianna Bloodgood, Rafał Habel-Bloodgood, Alexandra Kazazou, Ján Morávek, Antonis Myriagos

Andrej Kalinka, Julianna Bloodgood, Rafał Habel-Bloodgood, Ján Morávek

Vocal leading
Julianna Bloodgood

Markéta Plachá

Light design
Michal Freriks

Objects made by
Jozef Kurinec

Production co-workers
Jana Suraová, Monika Kováčová, Anna Luňáková

Žubra K. Žubretovská

Special thanks to
Efi Birba, Divadlo na cucky, Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, Karol Jarek, Noro Knap


The main partner of this project


With financial support


photo Noro Knap

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