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In 2021, we are introducing a new project called “THE KITCHEN”, which we have been preparing for the last few months. You can read it, watch it, listen to it and in some cases you can do everything at once. You can find it on our website, social networks and gradually also on websites or in other forms with our partners (cultural periodicals, universities, cultural centers, etc.).

Authors from five countries (SK, CZ, PL, GR, USA) will offer you contributions in the coming months based on their personal experiences of directing, performing, reviewing, as well as on their musical, theatrical, literary, pedagogical experiences and others. Everyone works with a different theme and form. Everyone has a different vision and approach. From ancient to the present, from poetry to analysis, from vocal techniques to diary entries of the creative process. Somewhere text, somewhere photos, somewhere audio, somewhere video, somewhere drawing, somewhere everything together. You can get lost, find, not understand, surprise, learn. We believe that all this will be of benefit to you.

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