This intensive workshop will be held in the space of the Atelier of the artistic group Honey and Dust in Bratislava, under the leadership of the artistic leaders of the group, Andrej Kalinka and Milan Kozánka. It is intended for creative artists, actors, dancers, performers and students of art schools.

The aim of the workshop is to stimulate innovative thinking in the performative art in the participants, to search for intersections of connections, where individual artistic media create complementary connections and new artistic possibilities. Using the exercises gradually work towards an understanding of the creation of complementary works. We will work with text, movement, music, acting, and in all these media we will discover the basis that can connect them.


*Text* as information, text as a symbol. Working with the text not only through a dramatic (social, psychological) approach but above all through mastering the tools of speech itself, i.e. rhythm, tempo, accent, melody, etc. Tools that make it possible to discover new meanings, contexts, and enable information and symbols to pass through.

*Rhythm* is the basis of speech, movement, action, the basis of performative art and theatre in all their components. From breathing, through walking and do work, to the changing of the seasons, rhythm is a part of everything within us and around us. We will work complexly with rhythm so that everyone can continue to apply it in their artistic work (physical theater, drama, puppetry, improvisation, choreography, work with material, or with the word, etc.) as well as in everyday life. The exercises will be focused to developing motor skills, counterpoint (perception on more levels, with more components at the same time), connecting the left and right hemispheres, finding and tuning the individual’s place in the whole etc.

*Movement*. The body is our tool, it is a source and means for performance. By getting to know the “anatomy of movement” – the internal structure of the body and the alignment of the body, recognizing the core, the central point where the spoken text connects with the rhythm of the body, with movement in space, or with work with sound or music. The complexity of the performer arises in the body and its movement, movement does not mean definition from the other components, but on the contrary, connecting them. We will discover how to develop it consciously and naturally in connection with rhythm or text.


28.4. friday 17,00-20,00
29.4. saturday 10,00-13,00 lunch break 14,30-17,30
30.4. sunday 10,00-13,00 lunch break 14,30-17,30
1.5. monday 10,00-13,00 lunch break 14,00-16,30


Workshop fee
146,- € EARLY BIRD till 5.4. 2023
168,- € Regular


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