Bartimaeus passion

The last miracle Jesus performed before he arrived in Jerusalem was healing a blind man named Bartimaeus. He then “followed Jesus along the road”. Though the Gospel says nothing more about this man, in our production he becomes the main – and only – figure. The blind man was healed – a miracle he had not even hoped for. But he sensed something stronger than the mere joy of being healed. Several days later, he sees Jesus nailed to the cross. He must take a decision that none of us can avoid: The truth or fear. Yesteryda, today, every day, again and again.

The play searches for means of expression in music, movement, puppets, acting, singling and work with material, and attempts to reconcile them into a single form. It attempts to develop the language of theatre, which we started to work on in the stage oratory Noc světla a den tmy [Night of Light and Day of Dark]. In this performance we are trying to find a possible path, a way out in suffering, in accenting the sense that the Passion represents for each individual.


Andrej Kalinka a Ivan Martinka

Libretto and music
Andrej Kalinka

Stage design
Ivan Martinka

Creative assistant (stage, costumes, puppets)
Zuzana Malcová, Zoja Zupková

Ivan Martinka, Michal Mikuláš, Andrej Kalinka


photo Milo Fabian, Lucia Doubravová

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