From Anatomy to Composition

The basics of complementary art in practical exercises


The aim of the workshop is to incite in the participants innovative thinking about performing art, searching for a platform where individual artistic media in art performance create complementary connections and new artistic possibilities and discover who is new / nowadays /performing artist and how to gradually through practical exercises develop creation of complementary works. We will work with movement, music, visual arts, text, acting. Individually and then gradually with the connections of all components.


Themes of complementary art (relationships, definitions, functions)
Object – sculpture, object, props
Sound – picture of the sound, sound of the image, live sound versus recorded sound
Bearer – interpreter, performer, actor, dancer, musician
Anatomy – what we are coming from
Rhythm – in image, movement and sound, text, in
the tectonics of the work
Information and symbol – differentiation, use


Daily program of the workshop
The body is the starting point and gateway to the artistic skills and creative resources of every artist, as well as an actor, dancer, musician or visual artist. Thus, the body will be the primary subject of exploration for movement, voice and breath.
We wil be focused on practical exercises, experiencing physical techniques as well as the basis of music and theoretical aspects of the components in which we work in complementary art. We will work with rhythm in various meanings (musical, in the construction and structure of the music), with information and symbol, and we will learn about basic differences and functions of objects (sculpture, object, props) and get to know the other components more closely and gradually get them into dialogue.



Supported using public funding

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