Polyphony in the theater

This intensive workshop will be held in the space of Theater K, Palackého 5 in Bratislava, under the leadership of the artistic leaders of the group Honey and dust, Andrej Kalinka and Milan Kozanek. It is intended for creative artists, actors, dancers, performers and students of art schools.

The aim of the workshop is to stimulate innovative thinking in the performative art in the participants, to search for intersections of connections, where individual artistic media create complementary connections and new artistic possibilities.

During this intensive weekend workshop, we will learn and develop the concept of “polyphonic thinking”, which is the cornerstone of our work concept.

Polyphony is a term originally associated with music. Today, however, it no longer applies exclusively to this area, it is used in a broader sense (not only in art), when several separate elements (texts, sounds, actions) happen at the same time, we perceive their uniqueness, independence and therefore diversity, tension, dialog, which finally, they create one mutually complementary whole. Their contrast (dialogue, relationship) brings movement, variety, multi-meaning.

We want to further develop this way of perception in our workshop in the role of a performer, in his work with voice, movement, text, space. We will look for ways to create own individual line, at the same time go beyond it and connect it with the whole.

3.5. friday 17,00-20,00
4.5. saturday 10,00-13,00 lunch break 14,30-17,30
5.5. sunday 9,30-12,00 lunch break 13,00-16,00

Workshop fee :
110,- €


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