Anna Luňáková



Man: We discover the lost things we’ve loved in the footsteps.



What do you see?

A man in a hat is walking away from his home.


Man: Woman is a changeable, furious creature.



What do you hear?

A friend’s voice is on the other side of the world.


Man Nietzsche: There is no friendship between a man and a woman – only passion, enmity, love – but no friendship.



What do you feel?

The smell of faraway place…

Ceci n’est pas une critique


Helena Wernischová was born in 1942 in Prague, graduated at the Secondary Industrial School of Ceramics (porcelain painter) in Karlovy Vary, and graduated in June 1961.

Anna Luňáková was born in 1993 in Jičín, graduated from a general grammar school (with a focus on mathematics and physics) in Prague, and graduated in June 2012.

Helena Wernischová married the poet Ivan Wernisch. In 1962 she gave birth to her son Martin, in 1964 to the son Michal. Divorce 1973.

Anna Luňáková did not marry the poet Ivan Wernisch. In 1962 her son Martin was not born, in 1964 her son Michal neither. She did not divorce in 1973.

Helena Wernischová did not study philosophy at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague.

Both Anna Luňáková and Helena Wernischová are still alive.




Critical response from the reader:

“… Seems embarrassing, hypersensitive, but also incomprehensible, because the author honestly” drowns “in her inner states, but if she does not communicate the connections to the reader, the reader remains in vague guess, not immersed in the work.”

Letter from the publisher:

“… I will end the sale on other portals as well, I will download the books from the stores, I will shred your book and I will demand compensation from you for the loss, including the grant. I will be forced to report on your actions to organizations of which I am a member such as SČKN, the Guild of Publishers and the International PEN Club, as well as professional writing organizations.”

Message from family:

“I don’t understand why you have to keep dissecting yourself after all these years. Nothing of what you write is true.”

From the literature:

Man: “That…such giant shadows are cast by such pygmies only shows how late in the day it has become”. (Erwin Chargaff)

Woman: “There are seven million four hundred and five thousand nine hundred and twenty devils. There is a quadrimillion of angels.” (Talmud)

The author of the paintings is Helena Wernischová, a draftswoman, painter, illustrator, graphic artist, and writer, who kindly allowed my authorial “abuse” in this article.

Picture 1: Good night, Mr. Kubin.

Picture 2: Letter for the one passing through a snowy city.

Picture 3: Tripper.

Picture 4: For Leonard Cohen and Jacques Brel.



Anna Luňáková  (*1993)
Studied philosophy at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague, and currently is a PhD. student engaged in romance literature. So far, she has published two books, the novel Three (2020) and the collection of poems I just lose my name (2020). She also translates from French (Letter to D., 2021) and Portuguese. She creates authorial performances, i.e. Bohemia, performed in 2018 in Paris, Elevation 2018 in Casablanca, Přeslice 2019 in Setúbal or Odposlech 2020 in Malovice. The last mentioned, Odposlech, was created under the newly emerging collective HERONS VECTOR, of which she is a co-founder, together with Jakub Štourač and Ondřej Macl. She is also the co-founder of the open platform Nothing is a problem here, which organizes authorial readings, events and cabaret.

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